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One day to get your business in financial shape
Simon Allsop Startup and small business accounting specialist
Hall Chadwick
Founders often find it difficult to focus on accounting. This one-day intensive is designed to get you and your business in financial shape. You’ll resolve any legacy accounting issues, build an investor ready financia...
Legal ready - how to set up, protect and expand your online bu ...
Ursula Hogben Cofounder Legal Vision
Starting a business is hard. Small mistakes early on can have huge consequences in the future. This workshop is an opportunity to learn the key legal steps to establish a business, protect your IP and ensure you’re ready...
Disruptive digital leadership with Stephen Scheeler, former AN ...
Melbourne SYDNEY
Stephen Scheeler former ANZ CEO Facebook
Many of today’s business leaders are ill-equipped for the demands of the 21st-century, where “digital” and “disruptive” experience and skills mean the difference between success and failure. The ability to lead innovati...
Build an award winning workplace
Mahesh Muralidhar Head of People Operations at Airtasker
Learn how the best high-growth companies attract and motivate talent. Mahesh Muralidhar is head of People Operations at Airtasker and is regarded as one of the Australian startup industry’s most sought after people leade...
Talk like TED
Learn to get and give killer keynotes
Fleur Brown Founding team TEDxSydney
Amplify your profile and promote your message by getting on the speaking circuit and delivering great presentations. This one-day workshop will show you how to identify, target and secure relevant public speaking opport...
People leadership and team management masterclass
Andy Fell Founder Gift 631
Former National GM St George Retail Bank
A fast-moving and interactive one day workshop to enable attendees to gain practical skills and confidence in how to lead and manage others. The program is full of processes and techniques that are easy to both implement...
How to build a powerful personal brand
Melbourne SYDNEY
Fleur Brown Founding team TEDxSydney
Personal brand is central to professional success. This workshop provides you with tools to turn your passions and knowledge into authentic thought leadership. You’ll learn how to build and leverage your profile to ampli...
Capital Raising Bootcamp
Develop an investor strategy, approa ...
Rebekah Campbell Cofounder Hey You
An intense, focused one-day workshop designed to give you the best chance possible of successfully raising capital. You’ll have an initial hit-list of at least ten appropriate investor contacts and be clear how to approa...
Growth Hacking
Jared Codling Growth Hacker
Learn growth hacking techniques used by companies like AirBNB and Pinterest in the early stages to grow really fast on ultra low budgets. You’ll learn the completely legal ‘grey hat’ tactics that include exploiting loop...
Leading Innovation Masterclass
Hiam Sakakini Change Management Specialist
In 2018, the top differentiator of teams and professionals who succeed is the ability to turn ideas into value for customers faster than the competition. We are entering the idea economy. This one-day intensive arms proj...
Pathway to the Boardroom
Michelle Gardiner Partner
Derwent Executive
An engaging one-day program designed to support aspiring non-executive directors to identify and secure an appropriate board role. You’ll learn what it takes to to be a great director, how to identify and secure an ideal...
Get to the top
Next level leadership for women in business
Isabelle Phillips Renowned executive leadership coach
What will it take to advance your leadership to the next level? This one-day workshop prepares you with the key skills required to build and engage a high performing team, own any room with style and grace and leverage y...
Essential Cybersecurity for Business Leaders
Melbourne SYDNEY
Craig Davies Former Head of Security Atlassian
This one-day intensive provides non-technical business leaders with an understanding of cybercrime and why it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ for your company. You’ll explore real world examples to learn who the offen...
How to manufacture products in China
Elyse Daniels Founder Exodus Wear
This is a very practical workshop designed for anyone considering manufacturing a product in China. You will learn the opportunities and pitfalls of working with agents and directly with factories. You’ll develop a plan ...
PR Masterclass
Liz Mckenzie Head of PR and Communications
This intense one-day masterclass is designed to support PR and communications professionals, founders and business owners to develop a world-class media strategy. You’ll learn new tactics to craft your message, reach tar...
Best practice Agile for fast moving companies
Sarah Atkinson Principal Pragmateam
Learn to apply best practice agile processes and techniques within your business context. Connect big picture goals with day-to-day operations to ensure product outcomes are delivered on-time and within budget. Leverage ...
Learn to code in a day
Chris Iona Founder FuturePass
Former VP Engineering Hipages
A fun, interactive and focused workshop designed to teach non-technical business people, product managers and designers the basics of writing code. This accelerated learning experience will support you to go from zero s...
Advanced B2B Sales
Andy Farquharson Co-founder of Winning by Design
The world of selling has changed; customers have evolved and the best sales professionals are developing new tactics to win business. This condensed workshop will supercharge your sales and prospecting skills with Austra...
Emerging Technical Leaders
Build, lead and scale an effective ...
Chris Iona Founder FuturePass
Former VP Engineering Hipages
Becoming a successful technical leader requires a new set of tools, experiences and skills that compliment your natural talents. This intense one-day workshop uncovers the common pitfalls in transitioning from engineer ...
Brilliant Digital Marketing
Mark Baartse Chief Marketing Officer at Showpo
Learn digital marketing techniques to grow your business fast at low cost. This condensed workshop is an opportunity to develop your digital marketing strategy with one of Australia’s most successful marketers. Leave k...
Persuasive Communication
Jon Yeo Cofounder of TEDX Melbourne
The ability to persuade is critical to professional success. This one-day intensive is designed to turn you into an expert communicator who can win new business, attract capital, or get a promotion. You’ll learn techn...
Build a world-class sales and marketing funnel
Robert Coorey Sales expert and best selling author
This course is a complete end to end training on how to design and fill up your sales and marketing funnel and close high quality customers on mass. The instructor Robert Coorey, MBA, is one of the world’s leading digita...
How to grow like Canva
Melbourne SYDNEY
Andrianes Pinantoan Head of Growth at Canva
Growth is the lifeblood of every company and Andre Pintantoan is widely considered Australia’s top growth marketer. He developed and led strategies to grow Canva to more than 10 million users and has consulted to other h...