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“I think that every individual is now an entrepreneur, whether they recognise it or not. You have to be constantly reinventing yourself and investing in the future.” Reid Hoffman Founder LinkedIn

Formal education is too slow for a world that is changing so fast. A modern workforce needs the latest thinking and techniques taught by people who are doing it right now.

Successful individuals and companies will be curious, innovative, agile, collaborative, persistent, and willing to take risks. They’ll be constantly creative, always searching for ways to improve the status quo. They’ll think through their ideas from multiple business angles and be able to win support for worthwhile concepts. They will be entrepreneurs.

We believe that entrepreneurship is best taught by entrepreneurs. Zambesi harnesses the specialist talents, skills and experience of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs including the forces behind Shoes of Prey, HiPages, TEDx Sydney, Big Commerce, ShowPo, Hey You and many more.

Our workshops focus on current topics designed to support individuals and organisations maximise their opportunities. Our workshops are constantly being updated as the world evolves.

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Recommended programs
Develop a powerful personal brand
Fleur Brown Founding team TEDxSydney
Personal brand is central to professional success. This workshop provides participants with tools to turn their passions and knowledge into authentic thought leadership. They’ll learn how to build and leverage your profi... View more
Technical leadership for non-technical managers
Chris Iona Founder FuturePass
Former VP Engineering Hipages
Engineers are different. This course decodes what makes engineers tick and how a non-technical manager can identify and recruit great talent, understand and question key technical decisions, foster a transparent collabo... View more
The entrepreneurial mindset
Mike Knapp Co-founder of Shoes of Prey
Get every team member thinking like an entrepreneur. Teams collaborate to create a business idea to solve a customer problem. Using Shoes of Prey as a case study, Mike workshops strategies to validate the idea, build a m... View more
Learn to code in one day
Chris Iona Founder FuturePass
Former VP Engineering Hipages
A fun, interactive and focused one-day workshop designed to teach executives, marketers, product managers and designers the basics of writing code. At the end of this intensive workshop, participants will have created a ... View more
Agile project management
Sarah Atkinson Principal Pragmateam
Learn how to apply agile methodology to your business context. Connect big picture goals with day-to- day operations to ensure projects are delivered on-time and within budget. Use agile practices to focus everyone on t... View more

Other workshop topics offered by Zambesi
Further information available on request

Cyber Security (one day)
The basics every business manager should know.

Big Data (half day)
How to use data to enhance your business strategy.

Virtual Reality (half day)
Understand how virtual technology is evolving and the threats and opportunities for business.

Cyber Security (one day)
The basics every business manager should know.

Next Level Leadership for Women in Business (one day)
Leverage your strengths to lead powerfully.

Zambesi is working with content experts to develop a comprehensive program of workshops.
Please ask us about any topics we haven’t covered yet.

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